Real Estate Photography Tips – “Curb Appeal!”

5 super tips for shooting the homes front exterior. Set the tone!

The No. 1 picture people look at is the exterior front of the home.

The “Curb Appeal” image may be the single most important image you present. It sets the tone for the rest of the online viewing. If people don’t think the home is attractive from the outside they may instantly have a preconceived negative opinion thru the rest of the online viewing regardless of quality of the interior.

Help them want to look inside!

You want to create something appealing and inviting; not too distracting. You want them to see the home as something that they could see themselves in.

  1. No cars in the driveway. Allow them to see the size, texture and or design of the driveway. This also allows them to in-vision their own car in that space.
  2. De-clutter AND de-personalize. Remove any personal items like family name signs, newspapers, shoes at the front door, etc. Remove any personal stickers and signs from windows and doors.
  3. Unobstructed doors and windows. Trim down any hedges or bushes obstructing windows, doors and porches. Trim up tree branches blocking window views.
  4. Minimize garage and driveways. On bright sunny days mute distracting highly reflective driveways by wetting them down. Consider painting any bright white garage door that competes with a more neutral colored home.
  5. Bright colors leading to the porch and front door. Include bright colored plants leading to the porch and front door using clean, simple landscaping or potted plants.

The front exterior image of the home is the “Book Cover”. Make them want to read the rest of the story.

Joyce McCombs, Photographer


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