Joyce McCombs Photography & Music

Welcome! Let me introduce myself.
I am Joyce McCombs and I am happy to meet you.

The two things I have always been most passionate about are
music and photography.

I currently live in the Orlando area of Florida and offer freelance work in both photography and music.

Music has been a part of my soul as far back as I can remember. I currently offer small setting performances singing and playing guitar. You can contact me directly for pricing and availability.

I was introduced to photography in High School
& hooked from that moment on.

My photography started in 1980 when I began photographing the high school drama geeks. And from there moved on to working for the Laufer Co., publisher of teen magazines like “Tiger Beat” and “Bop”.

I now am involved in a variety of photography work which I deeply enjoy as it keeps me balanced and allows me to challenge my creativity. I have worked with professional magazines and small businesses from coast to coast. I have been shooting 360 virtual tours for private clients as well as companies such as EveryScape & YellowPages and their clients for several years now. I am a Google Trusted Photographer and shoot/create 360 street view tours for use on google maps and your google business page.

I’m a contributing photographer for The New Barker, Floridas top dog magazine. I have also enjoyed creating lifelong lasting portraits for families including children and pets.

Working with wonderful people, pets and kids feeds the soul and we all need our souls fed daily. I would be honored to work with you and your family to capture the beautiful moments you want to preserve & cherish for many years to come.


Everyone has a story! It’s the little moments in our lives that make up our story. What’s yours?

My passion is to capture your story through lifestyle photography. I would describe my style of photography as whimsical. I love cute and funny faces, soulful eyes, cool and crazy hair. Characters welcome!

For me photography is art…it takes time and patience. It is important to me that my subjects and I feel relaxed and comfortable during our photo session together. My goal is to create a wonderful and memorable experience for everyone involved while creating beautiful printable art to be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

My love for animals draws me to the art of pet photography where I strive to create a rewarding and fun experience for you and your pet that you’ll remember and cherish for a life time. Having a momento from the experience to showcase and display in your home is my end goal. For pet portraits I shoot on location at your home or near by park. Some dogs feel more comfortable in their own environment and some prefer to get out and go for an adventure. It is important to me that you and your pet are as comfortable and relaxed as possible to get the most out of the experience.

Senior Pet photography

Don’t put off scheduling those beautiful furry family portraits. Seize the moment before it passes by.
I offer professional photography & videography for families and small businesses.
Lets get together and create something magical.
Joyce McCombs – 817-874-6212



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